The Munger Moss Motel provides amenities like:

  • Cable TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Ice (in office)
  • Free Coffee (in office)
  • Large Shaded Patio
  • CCTV Security System

**Office hours are 6:30AM to 10PM**

The Munger Moss Motel also has something others don’t: A long history of providing travelers with more than just a place to stay.

In addition to the wide variety of Route 66-themed gifts and collectables on display, Ramona has personally decorated the rooms with pictures taken over the years of different places, people, and times. Each has a story to tell. Each makes up a part of the history associated with Route 66, and the lives it has touched.


“I redecorated a room a few years ago with the help of my granddaughter. It took about a month to accomplish. Once finished, it had about 90 pictures of places on Route 66 hanging on the wall. Most of these photos were borrowed from my roadie friends. That way everyone has a hand in making this place what it is. What an instant success it was.

The next room was a tribute to the Coral Court Motel in St. Louis. I decorated this room with Shellee Graham’s pictures. I also like to call this my bordello room.

Some rooms have pictures of old abandoned roads.

One room has pictures that Jeff Meyers took out west. These photos are fantastic.

I’ve got pictures of places in Illinois, Arizona and Oklahoma. Thanks to Jim Ross and Guy Randall.”

Remember, when you stay at the Munger Moss, you’re not staying at just any motel; you’re sharing space with a place just as full of history as the road it lies along side of.


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